Walk Over Me!

I have always been interested in different ways of exhibiting photographs. I was in a print shop picking up some prints for my exhibition when I saw a printed vinyl carpet on the floor. I asked what it is and the lady said that they can print carpets, too. In that moment, the "Walk Over Me" -installation was born. I saw it instantly in my mind: a carpet with my huge smiling face at the gallery entrance located so that you simply can not enter without walking over me. Back home I found this picture of me from year 2010 that fitted this purpose and then I had the carpet made.

The "Walk Over Me" -carpet is a "work in progress" during the exhibition. The materials are vinyl carpet and dirt. The carpet is new and clean in the beginning of the exhibition and gets dirty when people walk over me. When the exhibition is over the work is ready and the result is the dirty carpet, the final art piece.

In my life I have been walked over so many times that I can not count. But now I can! Namely, after leaving the print shop I got the idea of hanging a motion detection surveillance camera in the ceiling over the carpet that takes a picture of everyone walking over me. I put a poster on the wall before entrance and explained that when you enter, you get your picture taken. Some people just walked by but some people reacted to the camera as you can see in the pictures. I am using the pictures later on in some work I have not yet figured. Right now I am collecting the material.

These components together make the installation "Walk Over Me!".

It is my intention to produce this installation with a new and clean carpet in every exhibition of "The Persistence Of Plastic".

It was really a surprise to hear from some gallery visitors that they felt it really was difficult to walk over me on the floor. Some could not do it so they jumped and streched a little to get over. Still, we all walk over someone every day be it someone close, a passer-by or a sweat-shop factory worker in Pakistan. With this installation I make the exhibition visitors part of the work and challenge them by asking questions. What does it feel like to literally walk over someone?

https://tonikitti.com/files/gimgs/th-10_Toni Kitti Carpet.jpg